The line between my painting and my Illustration is very thin. Some paintings have become Illustrations, like in Stef Bos’s book ‘Gebroke Sinne’, but they exists as individual paintings as well. Some illustrations have turned into paintings, being sold as paintings, not illustrations. The only difference tends to be the context in which the artwork is used. I illustrated for the South African magazine, ‘Leef’ for two years, and some of what you will see here, reflect my work for them. Some of these are sold, and some are still available, so if you see something you like, please contact me and I will check if it is still available. I like working with all sorts of media when I illustrate, if for instance, it is a text that I am interpreting, I’ll be led by the words. Some words are beautiful images, and some images, can prompt beautiful words. There is no end to being creative, and I love the fact that I can choose between different media, and different interpretations when I illustrate. The journey is endless and is like getting on a boat filled with images and words, and sailing with your creative flag hosted high into unknown waters…who knows what image will be conjured by such a journey?