I am Marriana Booyens, artist for the last 20 or so years of my life, art teacher for most of that time, and child of Jesus Christ of Nazareth for the last 10 years or so. The work on this website span many years, some of the work as early as my first professional work after I finished studying, some as resent as a few months ago.

I love to paint in Watercolour and Oil Colour, but also like spicing things up a bit by sometimes throwing in some Encaustic (painting with beeswax), as well as playing around with Collage.

I teach the same mediums to my art students, conveying what I hope is a sense of adventure and playfulness in the creation of art. I don’t intellectualize too much in my work, I try to make art honestly and with integrity, searching for the Spirit of Truth in my work as I go along. I am glad to say that what others think and say about my art has grown less important as I have matured in my identity. Painting is a joyful, many blessed thing to keep yourself busy with, and I count myself doubly blessed that this is what I get to do. I do this, mostly, from my Studio in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape in South Africa.

Creativity is a many coloured bird, which feathers can reflect the Sun (Son), casting rainbows on waterfalls. I’d be happy to be counted amongst those colours.

May you enjoy the colours…

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A life sung to Him

Watercolor on paper
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Size: Medium