Marriana Booyens will be doing workshops starting from March 2017. The third Saturday morning of every month will be workshop time. Time slot: 10:00 till 2pm.

Workshop 1 (Sat. 18 March) : Creative Garden Art / Transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary. Bring along stuff that you always wanted to do something with and we transform it into functional art. Marriana can also provide the object (a tire), and guide the transformation into a potting container.

Second part of Workshop 1: ( Sat.15 April). Fee: R 1400 (R 700 per saturday)

Workshop 2 ( Sat. 20 May) Drawing a portrait / Painting a Portrait in Oil Colours
Second part of Workshop 2: (17 June)

Workshop 3 ( Sat. 15th July) Encaustic Painting.
Learning to paint with Beeswax in Oil Painting. One of the oldest painting techniques in the world is Encaustic painting and it is a fascinating method to learn.
Second part of Workshop 3: (19 August).

Workshop 4: (16 Sept.) Watercolour portraits.
Learn to paint portraits in Watercolour…not easy, but very worthwhile.
Second part of workshop 4: (21 October).

Workshop 5: (4 and 18 Nov) How to plan and paint a Mural.
Learn to paint a Mural to use inside your house, or outside.

For more detailed info please contact Marriana Booyens per email at
Only 10 slots per workshop available. Please let Marriana know if you are interested in a specific workshop, but the time does not suit you…if she gets at least 5 people interested in a particular workshop, she can try to adjust the time. Price might differ for every workshop if Marriana supplies the art materials. Usually price per workshop is R 700 per Saturday, if the student provides his/her own art materials. Workshops will run over 2 Saturday mornings.